Written by Andy Qetail


Posted on July 24 2016

  We know we miss us! It’s been foreva since our last blog entry, but don’t worry there’s plenty more where that came from. So much has happened lately and by now you’ve prolly sweat through some pride event in a city near you, made out with a hot hipster at Coachella, or got caught trippin ballz at Electric Daisy Carnival #alloftheabove. But it hasn't all been gogo's and cocktails, we're sure that many of you even participated in a memorial service or two for the largest mass murder in history. And in light of this tragic event, in a time when it seems like anything can happen good or bad, it's important now more than ever honey to show your pride. Let's make the haters understand that the LGBTQ community and their allies are a bunch of tough bitches who can't and won't be stopped by fear. So for your nerves here's some of our fave boyz and gurlz reppin M+R at pride events and festivals across the country. Btw don’t forget to tag us in all your posts up on instagram, twitter, and all those other platforms cuz you never know who will get reposted! #MollyMadeMeDoIt

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