Valentine's Day Cards

Written by Andy Qetail


Posted on February 08 2016

It's that time of year again: glittery decorations shaped like vital organs are everywhere, luv is in the air and Cupid is indeed the reason for the season. And it's good to see that some things never change, like giving out crappy, paper valentines to a tons of people you barely GAF about. Luckily the internet has given us a reason to continue this tradition by pumping out seemingly thousands of cut and paste V-day memes to keep us laughing. So whether for your own amusement or to share with your friends, we've curated some of our fav's just 4 U
Check 'em out below:
Maury, the king of paternity tests, is willing to be da daddy this time.
If you could be anything, be a sacrificial lamp shade.
Cause that's what Gaga would want. 
We always knew Bill was down to get freaky. 
If you come to work Monday with a black eye
we'll know you had a good night with Chris Brown. 
Spoiler Alert: Kanye actually hates Kanye.
We prayed about it and Jesus laughed too. 
Yes, we love Lana and anal. 
Don't catch 'em all. Some have STDs.
If you receive this, you ARE indeed a "stupid hoe"
They just didn't want you to feel bad. 
The 1st holiday of the year for sluts. See you again in 8 months.
If this sensation lasts for more than 24hrs, 
please contact your nearest physician.
Hopefully the annoying lady in HR is Tiffany.
If not, still give it to her. 
Those memos, emails, and holiday cookies suck.



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