High School Sweethearts

Written by Robert Richard


Posted on February 01 2016

Experience the bromance and adventure of two star-struck lover boys in Marek Richard’s latest lookbook release for Valentine's Day: “High School Sweethearts". Its an epic luv story of high school romance, but will it last after the Valentine’s Dance?! Feel the chemistry in a collection full of BJs and Dik Pic crop tops. Flaunt your assets with any of the “Eat Ur Heart Out” briefs and long johns. Or set the mood and enhance your decor with our fun home accessories including the "69" throw pillow and our "DTF" shot glasses. And don't forget your BAE; make sure to grab a set of “Mine and Yours” briefs to show off your luv. So whether you're in an LTR or just looking for NSA on some hook-up app, M+R has got the hot shit you need to get you laid this Valentine's Day. And btw don't be surprised if you feel the luv while you get a heart-on as you scroll through the site, cuz that little fairy in a diaper is readying his bow and arrow.


Remember it's ok to get caught with your pants down this Valentine’s Day, just be sure to have on a pair of Marek+Richard's!




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