Techccessories are the $hit

Written by Andy Qetail


Posted on April 17 2016

Considering that your phone is the one possession that can be visible all day long—in your hand as you walk, on your desk at work, or on the table at dinner, it’s a must that it makes a statement. In terms of techccessories, we couldn’t think of one that people interact with more. So we’ve designed phone cases so cool, everyone from your bromie to your boss will say, “Where TF did you get that!?” Next to “LOL” and emoji overload, “YAAAS” is the most exclaimed reaction that applies to everything. Why not apply it to your phone case. Most of you guys are on some social app hunting down the D! Let ‘em know what ur wanting sum dic pics, but don’t forget to say please. Whether you’re a Daddy’s Boy, a young thottie, or a pup, we’ve got your phone covered. And don’t worry, usually Android users are left out of the iPhone huddle…but we haven't forgotten about you boo. Our selection includes iPhone 6, 6 plus. Samsung S4, and Samsung S6.
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