Written by Robert Richard


Posted on March 16 2016

Nothing says "It's Spring" like the sound of beer cans being crushed on the foreheads of inebriated juice heads. So grab UR beach towels, selfie stick, and 4 margaritas cause Spring is here! And Marek+Richard is back at it again with the hot shit. Introducing the Spring collection called “Sprung”. Now that we have winter behind us, we're finally able to shed a few layers, show some skin, and hit the waves. You'll be able to hang 10...inches in the new "Tidal Wave" bikinis, so don't be afraid to get a lil wet. When you're too drunk to put together a few words, let 'em know "Alcohol you later". And no boner should be left unattended, but stroke at your own risk. The "Sprung" Collection is here as your personal tour guide thru spring. Use it wisely and you too will enjoy the lobster dinner ;)
Check out some of the pics from the look book: 
View the complete look book HERE:



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