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  • Reading is FUNdamental

    Posted on August 25 2016

  • Look At Huh!

    Posted on August 18 2016


    Posted on July 24 2016

      We know we miss us! It’s been foreva since our last blog entry, but don’t worry there’s plenty more where that came from. So much has happened lately and...
  • Eat It Up!

    Posted on April 24 2016

    Hot food has to be served hot! So why not turn up the heat with some new dishware!? The guys here at Marek+Richard have more cool shit to eat up...or...
  • Techccessories are the $hit

    Posted on April 17 2016

    Considering that your phone is the one possession that can be visible all day long—in your hand as you walk, on your desk at work, or on the table at...
  • Off Duty Drag Queen

    Posted on April 10 2016

    Alas, the time has come to lip sync for your LIFE! Not really, but the smell of meaty tucks and panty hose are in the air. This can only mean...
  • Florals for spring?! Groundbreaking

    Posted on April 07 2016

      Florals for Spring?!....How ground breaking! Well now it really is. Miranda Priestly didn’t give AF about floral, but you should. Case in point: Ur boys at Marek+Richard have laced...
  • Travel to Bikini Bottom

    Posted on April 04 2016

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?! Not us! We're too busy making sure you look hot AF, so come squeeze them buns into our hot swimwear! Want your...
  • Introducing String Tanks: Young, Dumb and Strung

    Posted on March 18 2016

    It’s that time of year again! We know…you’ve all promised yourselves you'd shed the holiday weight and now you’re praying for a summer time miracle. Well your boys at Marek+Richard...
  • Sprung

    Posted on March 16 2016

    Nothing says "It's Spring" like the sound of beer cans being crushed on the foreheads of inebriated juice heads. So grab UR beach towels, selfie stick, and 4 margaritas...
  • Throw Sum Shade

    Posted on March 02 2016

    Spring is rearing its feisty lil head once again from the vaginal cavity of winter. Now you boys can have some real fun in the sun. Marek+Richard has released a...
  • Step Up UR Hat Game

    Posted on February 24 2016

      Need a lid to seal your look?! Ur boys here at Marek+Richard have just the trick for it. Our snap backs make any guy look masc4masc in a heart...
  • Valentine's Day Cards

    Posted on February 08 2016

    It's that time of year again: glittery decorations shaped like vital organs are everywhere, luv is in the air and Cupid is indeed the reason for the season. And it's...
  • High School Sweethearts

    Posted on February 01 2016

    Experience the bromance and adventure of two star-struck lover boys in Marek Richard’s latest lookbook release for Valentine's Day: “High School Sweethearts". Its an epic luv story of high school...
  • Sock It To Me!

    Posted on November 01 2015

    Sock it to me! No problem with our latest release: SOCKS :) Available in a variety of colors and sayings these are sure to foot the bill. Go ahead, give...
  • Creepin' It Real

    Posted on October 01 2015


    Don’t have anything to wear this Halloween? How terrifying, but don’t fret the boys at Marek+Richard have just the solution. For the very first time the brand is releasing an...
  • Out Of The Closet

    Posted on September 06 2015

    Just when you thought it was safe to sleep in your own bed again, comes a collection from the boys at Marek+Richard that will make you think twice about checkin...
  • Kings and Queens

    Posted on August 01 2015

      What shows your PRIDE more than what you wear? Once again the boys at Marek+Richard have created some awesome threads for the Drag King and Butch Queen in this...
  • Get Wet Look Book

    Posted on May 04 2015

    This Summer the Boys at Marek+Richard want you to Get Wet! As the Mercury rises so will your popularity at the pool when you sport their latest swimwear releases. Dive...
  • We Cum In Peace Collecion

    Posted on February 24 2015


    Did you want to be an ass-tronaut when you grew up? Ever looked deep into a black hole and wondered what's on the other side? Are you curious what it'd...

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