Florals for spring?! Groundbreaking

Written by Andy Qetail


Posted on April 07 2016


Florals for Spring?!....How ground breaking! Well now it really is. Miranda Priestly didn’t give AF about floral, but you should. Case in point: Ur boys at Marek+Richard have laced you up with some sickening head gear you’ll never want to leave the house without. Spring is about rebirth and new beginnings, or in our case hot bods and new fuck buddies. YAAAS, you can finally get with all this beef running around.  It'll be enough to get you sprung and make your cock stand at attention. So grab a new black book and delete every shady bro you’ve met the bar this winter. We’ve got the gear for a new set of playmates. Let ‘em know you’re DTF!
Check em out below:
Catch the complete collection of hats HERE



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